The destinations for your holidays in Campania

Not only Napoli!

ampania region is a unique place where the charm of the landscape, history, culture and local traditions come together to create magnificent places to get lost in. If you are planning a trip with friends, as a couple, for the whole family, or a holiday on a boat, choosing Campania as a destination is an excellent solution.

Here’s a list of must-see places:

The Amalfi coast.

A fascinating and evocative land, characterized by over fifty kilometers of hairpin bends, cliffs and cliffs overlooking the sea. This natural and landscape heritage blends with the history and traditions of the place, making the local tourist offer particularly inviting. The coast is characterized by magnificent villages, including the beautiful Positano, with a very particular morphology: pastel colored houses that seem to embrace the high rocky walls. Admiring them from the sea is an incredible sight, in fact an idea to make your holidays unforgettable is to rent a boat with a skipper for a complete tour of the Amalfi coast.

Ischia, the green island.

This island pearl has a unique and mild microclimate that makes it always liveable and pleasant. The natural thermal springs of volcanic origin offer moments of absolute relaxation and well-being. Impossible not to love places like the Baia di Sorgeto or the village of Sant’Angelo. Discovering all the hidden corners of the island is a must, so the advice is a boat ride with a swim in its wonderful waters and immediately after some relaxation while sipping a glass of Biancolella wine, which is produced right here.


Procida, the capital of culture.

A treat for lovers of unique scenarios in the world. Like the village of Corricella, made up of the pastel-colored houses of the fishermen who recline on the blue mantle of the sea, almost as if they were a painting. Admiring them at sunset is poetry, it takes time, peace and serenity. A weekend of beauty can only be completed by renting a sailboat with a skipper, to be lulled by the wind, the sound of the waves and the spirit of the island of Procida.

Capri, the island with a glamorous soul.

Impossible not to fall in love with its beauty and timeless elegance. To note, a walk towards Punta Tragara, to look out over the stacks and literally remain breathless! Jewels, perfumes, shop windows, people from different countries… it will seem to be at the center of the world! Among the elements for which Capri is known are the numerous caves, for example the Blue Grotto. Planning a boat tour with a swim in its beautiful sea is one of the most incredible experiences you can have.


Sorrento, where the sea glitters and the wind blows strong.

This city enjoys a picturesque location on a tufaceous terrace overlooking the Gulf of Naples. It has always conquered tourists and visitors thanks to its breathtaking views, the landscape of gardens and citrus groves, the marinas, the historic center, the ancient tradition of inlay and lace. To be absolutely included in the visit, Marina Grande and Marina Piccola: the first is a picturesque village that has retained the charm of the fishing village it once was, with its colorful houses, boats and nets pulled on the shore. Marina Piccola, on the other hand, is a beautiful inlet surmounted by a promontory that overlooks it. Organizing yourself for a swim on the boat allows you to see them and above all experience them both.

The list of places to visit is really long, Campania is a treasure chest full of treasures and it is worth discovering them all.

The important thing is to remember the rental of a boat so as not to forget one of its most characteristic elements: the sea!

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