All the beaches of Capri and the most beautiful ones to swim in

Capri, the second-largest island of the Campania archipelago, is also one of the most visited and world-renowned blue island

A triumph of sea, flowers, art, scents, and beauty emanates from every rock in this unique and special place. 

Its crystal-clear sea makes it one of the most popular summer destinations for celebrities and any lover of natural beauty. 

As a symbol of the Italian good life, it is an island that makes you dream, especially thanks to the unique views that can be admired from many angles due to the numerous belvederes in both towns, Capri and Anacapri. 

But which are the most beautiful beaches for swimming in Capri? In this guide, we’ll talk about all of Capri’s beaches, but above the most beautiful ones, you should absolutely visit for a perfect holiday in Capri.

Marina Piccola beach

The beach at Marina Piccola is the most frequented by tourists and this probably makes its waters less clean. 

The water is always blue but tends not to be as clear and crystalline as elsewhere on the island. In this area, the free beach is rather limited and the flow of tourists makes the air quite stifling, especially on hot days. 

Surrounding the small free beach with its pebbles are the piles of bathing establishments that have large pieces of rock from which to enter the water.

In this area, many tourists take cliff dives from one of the rocky outcrops accessible from the public beach.

Marina Grande beach

Once you disembark, you will find on your right a stretch of white pebbles and a deep blue sea. That is Marina Grande beach, which hosts both a large piece of free beach and some of the island’s best-known lidos. 

Despite its proximity to the port, the sea is clear and one can enjoy its evocative beauty, especially in the morning hours when the sun, high in the sky, makes the waters even more brilliant than they already are. 

What makes Capri’s waters so blue is the absence of sand. In fact, practically every beach on the island is covered with stones or rocks and this allows the water to shine even brighter.

Palazzo a Mare Beach

This area also has a free beach and another side accessible by seaside resorts. 

It can be reached on foot starting from the Church of San Costanzo or by the pay boat from the Bagni di Tiberio lido.

Here too the rocks and pebbles make the water shine. Moreover, the sun, which lasts until late afternoon, allows you to enjoy the best light for your tan. 

But that’s not all! In fact, moving to the municipality of Anacapri, it is possible to enjoy waters and views even more suggestive than those of the beaches of Capri: we are talking about the coast of the Grotta Azzurra and the area of Punta Carena. 

These two places, being on the opposite side of the island, are less visible, especially to those who cannot be defined as regular tourists on the island. Initially, those who visit Capri tend to give more importance to the first town.


Near the slope leading to the famous Grotta Azzurra, there is the Gradola beach where it is possible to access the rocks in both the free stretch and that of the bathing establishments. More than a real beach, it is a slope with wide steps on which one can place one’s towels. 

Nearby, vestiges of mooring points dating back to the Roman Empire are still visible. 

The sea at the Gradola descent goes from emerald green to deep blue also thanks to the seabed, which is among the deepest on the entire coast. In this way, water and sky merge in a riot of unique natural hues that make for an unforgettable stay.

Punta Carena Lighthouse

From the side of the Punta Carena lighthouse, it is possible to walk down between the rocks of the famous local beach, which has one stretch accessible free of charge and another stretch of beaches that extend between the various terraces (descents) that continue to the point where it is possible to dive into the water. 

The rocks fully mark this stretch of coastline. For those who do not wish to dive, it is also possible to access the blue waters of the basin by means of convenient ladders. 

This is one of the most fashionable locations for anyone who wants to experience holidays in perfect Capri style. Perhaps sipping some excellent bubbles at sunset on one of the terraces of the lidos.

Alternative ways to swim in Capri

Does the idea of getting to these splendid beaches frustrate you because you don’t like waiting your turn among the island’s crowded, asphyxiating mini-buses?

Or don’t you like going down to the beach when there are too many people crowding the shores? 

Or maybe you are stressed by the idea of having to book your place at the lido weeks in advance otherwise you risk having to settle for the crowded free beaches? 

There is an alternative way to enjoy the beauty of the island’s waters and take an unforgettable swim on Capri: choose to experience a day of luxury and relaxation with Gialau Yacht boat trips. 

Enjoy a complete tour of the island to discover all the beaches we’ve mentioned from a unique angle: you’ll swim and stop at one of the island’s bays suggested by our skipper. 

You’ll also visit the Grotta Verde, the Grotta Azzurra, and the Faraglioni of Capri, and you’ll choose to stay in an exclusive restaurant accessible only by sea. 

Finally, what better way to end your day on Capri than enjoying the island’s romantic sunset while sipping good local wine and tasting fresh fruit? 

If you want to experience the unique emotions of Capri with a sea view, all you have to do is choose the tour of Capri with Gialau Yacht.

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