3 things to do in Amalfi for a perfect holiday

Holidays in Amalfi: a dream destination in Campania, not only for its crystalline sea. Indeed, the entire Amalfi coast is considered the most beautiful stretch of coastline in Italy and for some even the most beautiful in Europe! 

Amalfi is the main destination among those that follow one another along State Road 163 (Strada Statale 163). The scenic road that winds along the hairpin turns also allows one to reach other splendid localities such as Ravello, Positano, Vietri, and Furore. 

Amalfi is a place rich in history and art. It has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. It is for this reason that today it is a must-see destination not only for those who wish to spend their summer holidays there, enjoy the sea and the mild climate but also for those who, out of season, want to enjoy a real immersion in the maritime history of the place.

If you are planning a holiday in Amalfi, we suggest you make a note of these 3 activities you absolutely must do to fully enjoy the town that gives its name to the stretch of coast known all over the world.

The not-to-be-missed visit to Piazza del Duomo

This is perhaps the emblematic symbol of the town of Amalfi. Every year, thousands of tourists visit it and take many photos in front of this monument, unique in its beauty and splendour. 

The Cathedral consists of two communicating basilicas: the bell tower and the cloister of paradise. Today very little remains of the original structure. This is because over the years there have been many changes requested by the bishops that have allowed the monument to reach its current grandeur. 

During the 9th century, its early Christian imprint was replaced by a Romanesque one, although the work was never completed and many traces of Byzantine and Langobard culture can still be seen today. 

In 987 there were further works that made Amalfi Cathedral more like an Arab mosque than a Christian cathedral. 

But it did not end there: over time Gothic, Baroque and Rococo elements were added. It was in 1891 that work finally ceased and the Duomo took on the appearance we all know today. 

The central position of the Piazza del Duomo in Amalfi allows those visiting the place to find their way around the city perfectly. 

Tip: after visiting the Duomo, walk along the small pedestrian alleys that extend over its entire surface. These narrow streets link most of the branches of the old town, between the pedestrian area and the driveway.


Lemon and limoncello dessert tasting 

You are on the coast famous for the production of lemons and citrus fruits, so how can you not take the opportunity to taste an excellent homemade limoncello or the tasty desserts of the Campania region? 

Before choosing the products, make sure they are not industrially produced (the typical souvenirs that, after all, have very little character). The ideal is to stop at a bar or restaurant and ask the staff for local tastings only. 

Some of Amalfi’s best desserts (such as the famous ‘lemon delight’) can be found at the historic pastry shop Andrea Pansa in Piazza Duomo 

Boat tours in Amalfi

What better way to visit Amalfi than by boat? One of the most exciting and characteristic experiences to enjoy the beauty of the town is by boat!

Gialau Yacht offers boat tours in Amalfi. The perfect combination of luxury and relaxation. A great way to enjoy an unforgettable sea for a whole day. 

Our complete boat tour of the Amalfi Coast includes also other strategic areas, such as the beautiful Positano and the Fiordo di Furore. 

You will enjoy the beautiful landscapes while sipping a glass of sparkling wine at sunset and tasting a select variety of local snacks. 

If you wish, you can also visit your favourite spots by land and then leave by yacht. 

During the day, to make your experience in Amalfi by sea truly unique, you will enjoy freshly cut fruit, soft drinks, our personal selection of local wines, and of course the ever-present Sorrento limoncello. 

An unforgettable experience that you and the people you love will remember forever. 

For your holiday in Amalfi, choose to live Gialau Yacht. A dream with a sea view. 

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